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關於我們 About us

One Challenge (Hong Kong)「跨越使團」於2015年2月成立,是獨立註冊為香港的慈善團體。我們切望結連本地基督教教會及組織,共同在本地和海外策動各種的神國事工,傳揚福音,彰顯神的榮耀。我們由 One Challenge Global Alliance聯繫下在香港成立,現稱為全球其中一個動員中心 (Mobilization Centre)。

One Challenge 是一個跨宗派的信心差傳機構。我們全球有超過800位同工,參與的事工包括傳福音、門徒訓練、教會植堂、領袖發展、神學教育、宣教教育、培訓及差派、差傳研究、體育及康樂、輔導、以及其他支援服務。


One Challenge認為服務普世教會的最佳方式,就是與各類誌同道合的基督教群體進行連結及合作,以實現共同的國度目標。我們力求成為催化者,致力建立各種的聯繫網絡及夥伴關係,以發展最大程度的協同效應 和創新舉措。當我們謙卑地把自己放置在上帝手中,我們發現祂悅納我們的信心擺上,不斷使用我們的機構去成就遠超出我們潛力的事工果效。

One Challenge Hong Kong was established in February 2015. Our desire is to connect with churches and Christian organizations in Hong Kong and to work together in advancing different local and cross-cultural kingdom ministries, in order to proclaim the Gospel and exalt God’s glory. We established in Hong Kong by the connection from One Challenge Global Alliance, now we are called to be one of the Mobilization Centre in the world.

One Challenge is an inter-denominational faith-based organization. With more than 800 workers serving in different parts of the world, we are involved in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, theological education, missions education/ training/ deployment, missions research, sports & recreation, counseling, and other support services.  


OC believes the best way to serve the Body of Christ is to work together with different like-minded Christian organizations to reach common kingdom goals. We seek to be catalytic by forging partnerships to maximize synergetic and innovative initiatives. When we humbly put ourselves at God's disposal in this way, we find He honors our faith efforts and has been using our organization to achieve kingdom impact far beyond our potentials.

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